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Cash for Junk Cars

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We basically do one thing and we do it better than anyone else.  We come out and buy your junk or running car or truck and pay you cash for it.  Then we tow it away free.  We are not a towing company.  Towing companies have to take care of the "regular" customers first, then they put your needs next.  They get to you when they have time.  We do however have our own fleet of tow trucks.  This allows us to give you faster, more attentive service.  We are not a junk yard.  This probably surprises a lot of people.  If we were a junk yard, we could only pay you scrap value for your car or truck.   Many of the vehicles that we pay cash for actually end up back on the street.  This allows us to pay most of our customers much more money.  We deal with several junk yards and car lots.  This is how we are able to pay the most cash for your junk cars.